RSistems Vă pune la dispoziție pachete personalizate, pentru a raspunde cât mai bine nevoilor afacerii Dvs.

** The prices shown in the above packages are prices in EURO without VAT.

Essential features for your business

Basic Pro Enterprise
Restaurant Basic Features
Intuitive POS
Table plans
Split bills
CC Machine Integration
Kitchen Printers & Routing of Orders
Table-side Ordering App €10 /month
per device
€10 /month
per device
€10 /month
per device
Plugin soft-Dude €5 /month
per device
€5 /month
per device
€5 /month
per device
Menu & Price Management
Basic Menu Management
Recipe Management by RSistems
Advanced Menu Structure (sizes, configurable items, etc)
Price Categories
Scheduled Menu Changes
Multi-store Capabilites
Realtime Analytics
Store-specific Pricing
Inter-store Inventory Transfers
Centealised Production and Distribution
Restaurant Advanced Features
Meal Deals and Upsell hints
Kitchen Display System
Weighing Scales Support
Delivery and Takeaway
Basic Order Handling
Out-of-the-box e-commerce integrations
Customer-facing Information Screen
Caller ID integration
Driver Tracking
Customer Notification SMS
Order Injection API
Customer Loyalty Management
Points Collection Program
"Punch-card" Program
Multi-stage Configurable Loyalty Program
Personalised Offers
Email Campaigns
Loyalty API
Inventory & Purchasing
Mobile Inventory
Automated Purchasing
Advanced Inventory Features
Multiple Storage Areas (in 1 restaurant)
Inventory API
Team Management
Store-level Staff Management
Manual Staff Scheduling
Time & Attendance Tracking
Staff Member Personal Stats Page
Upsell Champion Dashboard
Configurable Staff Incentive Programs
Company News For Team Members
Personnel API
Analytics and Reporting
Automated Sales Forecasting
Team & LT Notifications
Configurable KPI-based Reports
Simpified P&L Report
Out-of-the-box Integrations (e.g. Xero)
Advanced Reporting
Instore Dashboard
Reporting API

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